Powerful Hosting Plans

$1.55 USD
Starter Hosting
With our STARTER plan, you get to know and feel what it's like to host with us. Same speed and efficiency as with other higher plans, with full client support.

Disk Storage: 50GB
Bandwidth: 100GB
Parked, Addon & Sub-Domains: 5 each
Emails & Email List: 10 each
Database Storage: 50GB
MySQL, ProgreSQL and FTP: 50 each
No Free Domain name.
$2.55 USD
Advanced Hosting
Upgrade your Hosting Experience by Advancing to our ADVANCED HOSTING Plan with more and better features compared to our starter hosting plan.
Suitable for medium and fast grow websites with high traffic.

Disk Storage: 100GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
Parked, Addon & Sub-Domains: 10 each
Emails & Email List: 100 each
Database Storage: 100GB
MySQL, ProgreSQL and FTP: 100 each
Free Domain name for Yearly subscription ONLY!
$4.55 USD
Premium Hosting
Express yourself on the world wide web with our PREMIUM HOSTING plan that offers you unlimited bandwidth that will meet all your traffic needs plus more features compared to our Advanced Hosting plan.
Suitable for Big sized websites with High traffic. This is our MOST RECOMMENDED hosting plan.

Disk Storage: 1TB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Parked, Addon & Sub-Domains: 20 each
Emails & Email List: 1000 each
Database Storage: 1TB
MySQL, ProgreSQL and FTP: 200 each
Free Domain name for Yearly subscription ONLY!
$5.55 USD
Pro Unlimited Hosting
Go Professional and Enterprise with our highly Rated PRO UNLIMITED HOSTING where there is no limits of any sort. "Unlimited Everything" Unlike our Premium Plan.
Suitable for Enterprise and E-commerce Websites with ever growing Unlimited Traffic.
This Plan is more Powerful than regular VPS plans found with other hosts.

Disk Storage: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Parked, Addon & Sub-Domains: Unlimited
Emails & Email List: Unlimited
Database Storage: Unlimited
MySQL, ProgreSQL and FTP: Unlimited
Free Domain name for Yearly subscription ONLY!

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